Jeff Larkin Photo | Open The Dark Door
A beautiful indie rock musical by David Nugent that I shot for the New York Musical Theater Festival production in 2009.


When the local executioner’s son, Skip, falls in love with the rebellious Luna, he and the other upstanding residents of Mortland, USA are shattered by a crisis of faith. Dangerous family secrets and festive beheadings are the norm in this haunting and darkly comic indie-rock musical examining a town crippled by fear and troubled by its past.


Mary Ellen Ashley (Sister Irene)

Alex Emanuel (Incubo)

Kendal Hartse (Luna Hate)

Ryan Hilliard (Judge Shrub)

Laura Jordan (May Payne)

Patrick Jude (Doc)

Paul Kandel (Father Tom)

Paul Louis Lessard (Peter)

Jake Loewenthal (Skip Payne)

Andrew McGinn (Will Payne)

Bennet Pologe (Krum)

David Lefort Nugent (Book/Lyrics/Music)

Susanna Gellert (Director)

Kris Kukul (Musical Director)

David McTiernan (Band Director)

The Middle Eight (Band)

Zane Pihlstrom (Set Designer)

Scott Bolman (Lighting Designer)

Emily Rebholz (Costume Designer)

Ted Pallas (Sound Designer)