Jeff Larkin Photo | Fantasy Football
Fantasy Football played to rave reviews at the 2009 New York Musical Theater Festival.


September 1991, New York City. The Golden Girls and Arsenio Hall are duking it out for ratings supremacy, and stonewashed jeans and sideways ponytails are making everyone look hilarious. Matthew Berry was the greatest sports journalist his college had ever seen. Unfortunately, he's finding adult life to be not nearly so forgiving. It turns out that simply a comprehensive knowledge of all sports statistics is not enough to land his dream job: SportsCenter anchor on ESPN. Meanwhile, his old pal Bill Simmons is running a small, underground gambling operation that is too small to keep up with the prop-based betting economy gamblers to which gamblers are migrating. The two of them try to put both of their lives back together when they stumble upon the idea for fantasy football, the ultimate sports fan experience.


David Ingber (Book/Lyrics/Music)

Kristin Johnson Productions LLC (Executive Producer)

Adam Arian (Director)

Brian Usifer (Music Director)

Nick Spangler (Bill Simmons)

Ben Steinfeld (Matthew Berry)

Emily McNamara (Sarah)

Sam Tedaldi (Becky)

Christine Pedi (Mrs. Berry)

Patrick Benedict (J-Bug / Skip)

Rob Hinderliter (Jacko)

Nick Sullivan (Mr. Buldgewater/Officer Kilborn)

Jeff Nathan (Stoner)

Steven Kemp (Set Designer)

Emily DeAngelis (Costume Designer)

Christian DeAngelis (Lighting Designer)

Toby Algya (Sound Designer)

Nancy Renèe Braun (Choreographer)

Alvin Hough, Jr. (Assistant Music Director/Arranger)

Thomas Crawford (Assistant Director)

Michael Cassara (Casting Director)

Jeff Smidt (Assistant Producer)

Matt Stern (Assistant Producer)

Thomas Crawford (Assistant Director)

Deanna Hope (Production Manager)

Shelby Love (Stage Manager)

Deanna Hope (Production Manager)